Kersey 1 Station Details

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Name: Kersey 1
Location: 2 mi SE Kersey
Latitude: 40.3768
Longitude: -104.5320
Elevation: 4625'
Num. of Daily Obs.: 9653
Num. of Hourly Obs.: 232211
First Observation: May 1, 1992
Last Observation: Feb 18, 2019
Irrigation type: part
Comment: Irrigated ag. and irrigation ditch:SE-W-SW Good irrigated fetch Buildings east and west Groundcover:road base/driveway (W-N-E) under and near vicinity of station Predominant (daytime-summertime) winds from the E-SE Low ET rates
Owner: Dennis Hoshiko
Sponsor(s): CSU Ag Experiment Station - Fort Collins, Lower Latham Reservoir Company