Lamar #4 Station Details

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Name: Lamar #4
Location: 4.5 mi NNE Lamar
Latitude: 38.1539
Longitude: -102.5990
Elevation: 3705'
Num. of Daily Obs.: 5004
Num. of Hourly Obs.: 120306
First Observation: May 11, 2005
Last Observation: Feb 18, 2019
Irrigation type: full
Comment: Approaching Ref conditions Irrigated ag. in all directions (alfalfa) Ground cover is non-irrigated alfalfa/weeds (very small and localized)
Owner: Leroy Mauch
Sponsor(s): CSU Ag Experiment Station - Fort Collins, Prowers Co Consv. Dist., Colorado Dept of Natural Resources, Southeast Area Extension