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ET Workshop: Using the Best Science to Estimate Consumptive Use

March 12th, 2010

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Historical evolution of ET estimation methods

Marvin Jensen, ARS/CSU retired

Download:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Penman-Monteith ET calculations

Richard Allen, University of Idaho

Download:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Crop coefficients for Colorado: the Rocky Ford lysimter

Allan Andales, CSU

Download:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Software for consumptive use calculations — IDS CU and State CU

Luis Garcia, CSU and Ray Alvarado, CDWR

Garcia:  • PDF  • Powerpoint
Alvarado:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

CDWR view of ET calculation methods

Dick Wolfe, State Engineer with CDWR


Colorado weather data for Penman-Monteith ET calculations — CoAgMet and Northern Water weather networks

Nolan J. Doesken, Colorado State Climatologist and Mark Crookston, NCWCD

Doesken:  • PDF  • Powerpoint
Crookston: PDF  • Powerpoint

Title: Weather data integrity assessment

Thomas Ley, CDWR

Download:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Calibration of historical crop ET estimates

Thomas Ley, CDWR and Ivan A. Walter, Ivan's Engineering

Ley:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Walter:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Evaporation from water surfaces

Marvin Jensen, ARS/CSU, retired

Download:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Remote sensing to improve ET estimates

Luis Garcia, CSU

Download:  • PDF  • Powerpoint

Additional Resources

Marvin Jensen

Historical ET Estimating Methods

Download:  • PDF

Evaporation from Water Surfaces

Download:  • PDF

Ivan Walter

Coagmet QC and ET calculations

Instructions: PDF


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Colcrbte.exe: EXE

XXX COAG Rgsn.xls: XLS

XXXEtr.out: OUT

XXXEtrData.prn: PRN

Text Data Folder

Ra365.exe: EXE

Ra366.exe: EXE

RA365.out: OUT

RA366.out: OUT

The Colorado Agricultural Meteorological Network (CoAgMet) and Crop ET Reports, Irrigation Crop Series, no 4.723, October, 2009

Allan Andales, Troy Bauder and Nolan Doesken

Download:  • PDF